Honor and respect yourselves and behave in ways that live up to that honor and respect. 07/06/2016 by John Smallman AUDIO: Saul Audio Blog for Wednesday July 6th Changes are occurring thick and fast on Earth as more and more of you become aware that you have been seriously misled by those […]

Waardeer en respecteer jezelf en gedraag je in de wijze ...

In deze boodschap verteld Kryon over de nieuwe energie, die zich nu steeds meer manifesteert en andere zaken. Er komt nieuw bewustzijn en nieuwe wetenschap, echte innovatie. Als je moeite hebt met engels en/of meer wilt weten van Kryon is dit nederlandstalige bericht ook erg interessant: Kryon: Natuurkunde in de […]

Channeling van Kryon over Kwantum patronen

Yes, we are here as always. And Yes, Prime Creator is the ultimate source of perfect Divine Love and protection energy for you, everyone – all beings of light – and all the systems in all their galactic positions, known and unknown to humanity at this time in earth’s time/space […]

I Am Ultimate Prime Creator