Protix wint Nederlandse Innovatie Award

Protix has won the Dutch Innovation Award 2020. The company wins the award for her progressive role in food sustainability. Protix has developed a fully automated production process that efficiently produces insect-based ingredients while using food residues as raw material. The award is part of one of the largest studies on innovation, carried out by the Dutch


Sustainable insect protein

Insects are nature’s most powerful upcyclers and are the missing link in our food system. They can help create a circular food system and enable us to move from a resource depleting linear system of production.

Insects have the amazing ability to turn low-grade food waste into valuable high-end proteins and fats. We feed our insects a unique mix of grain-, fruit-, and vegetable leftovers from local sources. Circular, soy-free and locally produced and sold: insects have a low ecological footprint and are the perfect sustainable alternative to regular protein sources.

Innovation Monitor,

coordinated by Professor Strategy & Innovation Henk Volberda. The Dutch Innovation Award was in TV program “The World of Tomorrow”, on Monday 19 October. The award is a recognition of the innovativeness and social impact of Protix. De jury praises Protix’s progressive role in responding to sustainability issues through innovation. Protix is a true pioneer and the founder of an entirely new category of proteins and other nutrients. The company has developed a new circular approach that uses food residues as feed for insects (the ‘black soldier fly’). These insects then serve as an ingredient for animals. A real improvement vs common non-sustainable ingredients like soy, fishmeal, and palm oil. This way, insects help to prevent overfishing and deforestation for soybean cultivation. The breeding process is fully automated, smart algorithms and robotics are used in the advanced process so that the growth process of insects can be controlled at the level of a larvae or crate.

Poster child

The Dutch Innovation Monitor is the basis of the Dutch Innovation Award and is carried out by the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation. The monitor investigates how innovative Dutch companies are. The Dutch Innovation Monitor 2020, which is carried out under the direction of
Professor of Strategy & Innovation Henk Volberda, is one of the largest annual survey studies on innovation in the Netherlands. Jury chairman Henk Volberda: “Protix is at the forefront of the application of new technologies and invests substantially in research and development. The company also shows that technology and employment go hand in hand, and it contributes to solving social problems. Protix sees opportunities where others see problems, invests in people and also realizes growth. Protix is really a poster child of the new economy.”

Innovation Monitor

About 14,000 companies were approached for this study, and about 1,000 participated. After additional research, including desk research and interviews, ten companies were nominated for the award and three finalists were selected. The jury, which looked at new solutions of the company, progressiveness on technologies, attention to human capital, entrepreneurship and cooperation, ultimately identified Protix as the winner.

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