Tachyon Energy & Plasma Energy Med Beds 11

Tachyon Energy & Plasma Energy Med Beds

Tachyon Energy & Plasma Energy Med Beds | Advanced Healing

Deze bedden zijn in de reguliere gezondheidszorg nog niet beschikbaar. 

27 jaar geleden hebben wij de kennis ontvangen over welke intelligentie ons lichaam beschikt en dat het een uitstekend communicatiesysteem is en ons onbewuste informatie wil aanreiken.

De medische wereld maakt de grote fout, dat hier helemaal niet naar wordt gekeken en dat ons lichaam behandeld wordt als bijvoorbeeld een auto of apparaat, dat gerepareerd moet worden. Dat het lichaam over meer wijsheid beschikt dan iedereen wordt volledig voorbij gegaan. Waarom?

Daardoor is een mega comercieel gezondheidsstelsel ontstaan waar het over geld gaat en niet meer om de mens te begrijpen en de onderliggende principes.

Deze bedden zouden mensen kunnen genezen maar de onderliggende reden, waarom iemand ziek is geworden is ook niet bekeken en is zo belangrijk in der persoonlijke ontwikkeling.

Meer informatie over deze geavanceerde genezingstechniek vind je hier en bij ons. Neem contact op.

Als je wilt dat zulke techniek zo spoedig mogelijk beschikbaar komt dan doe mee.


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11 gedachten over “Tachyon Energy & Plasma Energy Med Beds

  • Ann

    Hi. Im researching about the med beds. Its been around all internet that med beds are Being sent to netherlands ( drachten).

    Do you have any info on this please?

    • Jurgen Weber Bericht auteur

      Hi Ann,
      I am sorry but I have no information yet that are the Med Beds in use here in The Netherlands. We got more requests about it and I can only say that there is more to say and to do. People have to get awake and understand who they are and how much power everyone has in his own core (Much more than a MED bed). But of course you have many cases where the Med Beds whould be a perfect solution. We have to unite and realise a Higher Civilization by organising all this stuff, technologies and possibilities.

  • Martine

    I might be wrong but i saw president trump i think with AI in a video or website , i have to look it up again, aboud the medbeds , anyway i could remember it would be a future made plan around 2050? I saw him standing with a medbed.
    Going to look it up because i am not sure . i think AI making them

  • Rob

    Med beds in these times? Hmmmm. It is gcomming to daylight what is going on in the world now. with the so called corona or Covid-19 P(l)andemy. The financial and economical system was allredady on the verge of collasing completely. The debts of the financial system has raised to an amount that the who system was allready going to collaps. What they are doing is speed it up in a controlled demolition and let it all crash much faster and replace it with a complete technological system and where people have to become part of through technology in the body> You would becom a bot. The corona crisis is an excuse to cover it up. The prroducers of the ‘vaccins’ are not prodcucing a vaccin but a dna technology. Moderna says on it’s website they are building a operating system with ‘plug and play’. Just like on your computer. They call it ‘software for lif’. Software needs to be installed on hardware, which is the human body. This system is on dna level. The thing with that is that it isn’t xamined at all in labs. It is experimented with on humanity. There are allready people dying, people having (facial) paralysis, people who are having convulsions etc. They want to change our dna so they can own us as their property. And than these med beds show up? Technology that would have to be adanced, in these times? What if that technology changes dna? Or they put people in a very long sleep? I don’t trust technology, especially not in a world like it is today. Are you familiar with the Geogia Guide Stones for a new world order? No more than 500 milion people allowed. Klaus Schwab said in a video that the Great Reset (Build Back Better) would be goed to hundred of milions (500 milion). You will owe nothing but you will be happy, is what they say in the top. No, because THEY will own everything and you will be dependent on them because they want to own everything, the whole planet including genetically modified humans with technology in the body. You wonýt be human anymore, you will be a bot, connected to the system through 5G and later 6G or more G. And again: in these times these med bedsshow up? I don’t trust technology for healing. Healing is a proces, which is personal. Why is that possible? Because of the soul and it’s awareness. Technology is control, especially in these times. We don’t need technology. Technology can not detect the essence of all disease because it is artificial and doesn’t contain a soul. And that is the thing in these times. The darkest powers on the planet plan to replace everything that is natural and essential with technology. Med beds? I tend to say ‘Hello, McFly’.

      • Rob

        I have gotten a pretty good picture of the Haman-Being. This wis world has always been a dark one, which means it’s always been based on control. A lot of people talk about the universe existing in dimensions. I found taht in the human body there are also possible dimensions. A conditioned ego that is in control because of the effects of this world is litterly only 2D. 3D is about life, which is in our Self. We have always been devided in this world through religions, political parties that people give ‘their voice’ to etc. We have been depended on controling powers who are organised. They only ones who are not organised are the people. I see only one way to move forward and that is the people organising themselves. Not to fight the controling powers but to work together on soving problems and issues ourselves instead of staying depended on controling powers. And when we have to organise we have to think in the way of life itself instead of the material based greed system and their brainwashing commercials programs that have on tv and that we find all arround us where ever we go. Remeber the movie ‘they live’?
        So it takes a shift from 2D dependency to 3D responsibility for life itself. WE have to be the change ourselves. But as long as people give their voice to political puppets we remain devided. And fighting for peace is still the same control. War only ends when you stop fighting. We are the majority and most people give their power away. That’s why a small group has the power, because people give it to them. So you have to take back your own power. Not the destructive power but the creative power, if you want to build life up. But that is also the biggest problem, people not being aware and staying controled and devided, still voting for those who are part of the globalist agenda. As long as that doesn’t change nothing can change. So we are the problem AND the solution to that problem because it is all inside and not outside..

        • Jurgen Weber Bericht auteur

          Pretty close my vision what you gave. Thats’s the reason why I offered a platform to create: The new advanced Society. https://www.innovatiefnederland.nl/nieuws/product/een-eerlijke-geavanceerde-samenleving/ But the solution lies within our selves. To shift to a higher vibration, A dimension where no destructive thoughts and actions can exist. To come there we have to learn and evolve. Cleaning up our body, our cells of all the traumas and effects of the 3 D Matrix, thinking and behavior. To learn to be in Love with our selves and anything that exists. Be in joy and feel this beautiful feeling to be alive, be in joy and in Love with everything. That’s the way out. You create every second your own world. Do you know how much versions of you you are capable to create?

          • Rob

            There are things that are not correcty being explained. The matrix is not 3D. It is 2D. The matrix is control. Our systems are about control, like being raised, the educational system or school system, religions and everything else from the ouside world. In almost all cases (in the past) the effect of it has been a programmed ego. What is going on in the ego in that case is all based om judgements, believes, conditions, expectations, obligations, comparisons, memories, asumptions. Those are not your own thoughts. Thought and feeling are the dualistic aspects of your own life in your Self. Your Self is in the lower body, underneath the navel. THERE you stand on your own legs and THERE you ARE your Self. The soul is ineness. It is not human, it is universal. The soul is oneness, duality is like that oneness split up in two oposites. The soul is knowing. If knowing is being spit up in two oposites you get thought and feeling. The interesting thing is is that both, oneness and duality, are inside. Awareness is also about the soul but that awareness has always been asleep. Than you are born i life but you are being shaped to a ‘funcyion destription or role in the system. That’s what the educatinal system is for. And than your ego is in contrl when you are stuck in your head. If you say that some one is judging some one else, it is the ego judging the Self when you are confronted with your Self. That caused tension and the tension and judging is than being projected on the other person.

            There is something interesting going on as I see it. The old generations were born with a sleeping awareness of the soul and almost every one had an programmed ego. For some decades there are young generations born who are different. The way it looks to me is that they are born with an awakend awareness and they do not seem to have a programmed ego anymore. So far I haven’t seen any of these generations who was judging. It doesn’t mean that there lives are always easy but there ego is not in control. The system can still have an efect on them but as far aI can see it effects their thinking, which is one of they dualistic asects. But for every one of us life experience is the way to get your own thoughts and feelings as an experience. Life is about male and female aspect inside, which thought and feelinf ARE. In the fysical way it is about man and woman. As within, so without.

            Healing is not about cells in my perspective. Healing is about the entire Human Being. The ego, the Self, the soul, the body, life in the Self, everything has to heal. What it all has to heal from is the destructive effect of the world of control, or the system, on the entire Human Being. Life is the way. The effect is on all levels but is the system being that is destructive. In my perspective control IS darkness, awareness islihjy. Life in a human way is the most limited of still being part of creation. One step further and you end up in darness and destruction. And THAT is what this world has aways been about. Life has never been lived down here. But the healing is seen in the way of energie. Technology can’t detect energy and its condition. People have senses through which you can become aware of it, technology has sensors and only detect in material way. The diseases we know are just labels in the system. The only reason for these labels is farmaceutical drugs. These drugs don’t heal anything. In fact we don’t HAVE healthcare, ony sickcare, as a way to gain power and make a lot of profit. In a reaction on some article some one wrote it in the best way I ever read: “imagine your house being on fire, all they do (farmaceutical drugs) is turn of the alarm”.Than you don’t feel anything anymore and healing is not possible. Healing is like moving to the next dimension, from 2D to 3D. In life you can heal and it is human experience. No technology can heal anything. It has no awareness, doesn’t know where it commes from, it’s not life etc. As far as I have read in past years, med beds would have to heal diseases. What diseases? If they are only labels there are basically no diseases because they are judgements from function distriptions or roles in the system. That’s why I said, kind of, Hello McFly. Especially because we are now in a times where the darkest powers on the planet (some say they are evil itself) basically plan to replace everything that is natural and essential with technology. For what I have seen, we don’t need technology. At least, not to heal.It would be different if we would use technology to make certain things easier in work or service in life but at this point ALL technology is being used against us. They even planned to turn people in bots and connect them to a new fully technological system. At least, those that would remain in the NWO, after the great reset. They vaccins are allready called ‘techno jabs’. So you can understand that I don’t see any solution in technology when it commes to healing and I pointed out that the med beds could change our dna, just like these ‘techno jabs’ do. Cause the code or littel peaces of virussen we had is in our dna when we had the virus.

            Quite a long story. Sometimes people use a picture to make thing clear. This one I found when it is about sickcare and healthcare. Sickcare is outside care, healthcare is inside care and our personal responsibility.

          • Jurgen Weber Bericht auteur

            Hi Rob, Quite a long story but I know you can talk for years about this. You made your point and it covers my own knowledge and experience by teachings from and with our own core, Source. (No guides)
            My similar knowledge you can read in my article about this here: https://www.innovatiefnederland.nl/nieuws/nieuws/waarom-bestaan-geavanceerde-med-beds-nog-niet-in-onze-ziekenhuizen/
            It’s in Dutch so use the translate-function on the right side. I love technology and so I fill Google, my pc and all technology also with LOVE. So it serves well and becomes better and better. Technology evolves too. But it is all a matter of higher or lower vibrations. Love filled or EGOdriven. Everything is part of yourself. So your/our technology too. Love it. Love everything and reach higher levels of awareness and oneness.
            Love and blessings to you. 🙂