The first wave is upon us, what to expect 1

Hello beloveds this is Lord Ashtar along with the angelic kingdom coming to you from this channeler today. We’re very excited to bring through this news about the first wave of ascension as it is coming close. It is literally upon you. We’re looking at about nine or ten waves for your ascension to get all of you that are going actually up onto the fifth dimension but the first wave is coming very quickly and we’re looking at the number to be 25-30 (people) to we’re going to say as many as 200.
There’s not going to be that many on the first wave, they are going up with Mother Earth. They are helping her anchor the fifth dimensional light, we’re going to say, the fifth dimensional vibration and frequency and these are a lot of grid workers that are going to go up and work energetically securing the grid around Mother Earth and clearing out any energies that need to be cleared out on the fifth dimension and they’re going to be sort of setting up everything for the rest of you to come up.
The second wave is going to follow. It could be as close as the next two or three months behind the first wave. We feel the second wave could be actually millions of you because a lot of you are literally doing very well with your purging, holding a lot of light. You’ve to let go of what doesn’t serve you and a lot of you have been able to shift your consciousness even with the shifts that haven’t come through yet. You’ve been able to shift into your heart, you’ve been able to shift to that of love, you’ve been able to shift to that of compassion and sort of fairness and equality and unity for all. So you’ve been able to shift how you navigate already.
As these other shifts in the consciousness are coming through for the collective you’ll simply help the collective push everything through, so they can clear it. These shifts are coming through as we’re saying these blocks are breaking up from the third dimensional grid that is completely broken up but these blocks are still held, they’re held in, and they’re not blocks as material blocks, they’re blocks in energy, they’re consciousness blocks.
This one that’s rolled out at you is fear and what’s rolled out at use control and the manipulation and the domination. That’s a huge block that’s broken up and it’s rolled out at you, for you to look at it, for you to feel it and for you to realize this is not what you want going forward and remove it.
The next block that’s coming through is truth. Truth is really needed on your planet enough of you are screaming to hear the truth to know the truth, to see the truth and that’s why the purging is still going on for your throat chakra as there’s more truth that’s going to be exposed. The more open we’re going to say that your throat chakra is, the easier it’s going to be for you to see the truth on the planet and we know this may not make sense but the more clear your throat chakra is, the wider your truth chakra is where’re going to say, your voice, the more you’re going to see what’s really going on on the planet.
There’s a lot of energies coming in right now to keep releasing any lower energies out of the throat chakra. You all are still purging your third eye and in the next few days there’s going to be an energy update we’re going to start going into the crown chakra purging and the chakra above that as well. So there’s a lot going on.
Those that are going up on the first wave we’re going to say most of them have not have many lifetimes on this planet and plan at all this channel has not had many at all, so it’s quite easy to purge and get ready and a lot of them have come from higher dimensions, higher planes and different planets and galaxies, star nations so they’re more equipped for actually clearing it instantaneously and a lot of them have come down just to do the work.
They’re going to go up very quickly along with Mother Earth, they’re going to do the work for the planet and then the second wave is going to come up ; this wave is going to be millions of you, 10 million, 20 million as many as 40 to 50 million. This could come literally on the tails of the first wave with the next two or three months out, depending on how many of these blocks we’re saying are being able to be shown at you and shifted out and i guess along with how the timelines that you pick, how high the timelines that you’re going to pick. So there’s a lot of variablesbut we’re going to tell you straight up that first wave is coming very quickly.
There’s now going to be 9 or 10. You’re all going up at your own pace, you’re all going up as you get ready. No one is going to be better than anyone else. Everyone’s ascending in their timing if that makes sense and everyone’s going to get up there, that is going up there. This journey is fast tracking, this journey is not going to last as long as we thought, this journey it’s not going to be done in the next six months but it could be a few years five years maybe a little bit longer than that but it’s not going to be much longer than that and originally it was going to maybe take 20 years to get everybody up.
For soon as those that are going to the fifth dimension are actually up on the fifth dimension and those that are not going to the fifth dimension are still playing out, as they shift off this third dimensional matrix, this third dimension we’re going to say, will dissolve and then you’ll have the fourth and fifth dimensions and then the sixth dimension will start to open up.
Those of you who are very very elevated will bounce a little bit when you get comfortable. Now this is going to be years out between the fifth and the sixth dimensions as Mother Earth is going to actually stay on the fifth dimension for quite a while but she is going to ascend back to the seventh or eighth dimension that’s where she feels more comfortable and that’s where she’s going to prefer to stay and she’ll never drop down lower than that, we can say, we can tell you never again.
There’s a lot of preparations that are being put in for the first wave, there’s a lot of energies that have been sent down now for the first wave, for the first three waves we’re saying to get ready. There’s a lot of DNA activations going on, there’s a lot of vibrational we’re going to say uploads.
Vibrational upload is something that’s lifting the vibration of the entire planet up. It’s going to help, boost all of you to the fifth dimension. There’s a lot of councils of light along with the angelic high kingdom that are sending all kinds of different energies down so if your ears are ringing. This is why we’re going to say that you may feel a little bit thirstier and you may be really tired.
So tiredness is going to come with all these energies coming in, your light bodies are only going to take in what you can and then it’s going to sit in your field until your body ; your physical body can actually simulate it along with your energy body.
As we say there’s no race to the fifth dimension those that are going up in the first and second waves and there could be as little as 50 going up in the first wave. They’re pulling Mother Earth up and they’re really anchoring her up. A lot of those along with this channeler have already been doing a lot of grid work for Mother Earth for a very long time so they know what they’re doing already they’re going to go up, hold the vibration, anchor her in, anchor the frequencies, the light everything that needs to be anchored in as soon as that gets anchored in and a grid is put around Mother Earth, the second wave will start to come up.
It’s very exciting for all of us in the higher collectives to watch how fast you all are really getting ready and how you’re actually shifting to that of love and light. You’re shifting to that of unity, you’re purging the dense energies and you’re seeing really laid out on your planet which you don’t want. So you’re going to shift into your heart center. A lot of you have already done that. You’re going to be more of love and light, you’re going to be more of compassion, peace, sort of actually fairness for all and being more of service.
There’s a lot of transition going on with all of you right now. We’re going to come through this channeler, a lot because it’s going to get very close we’re going to tell you exactly when it’s happening and boom they’re going to be up. So they’re going to have a feeling that something shifted, they’re going to be holding a higher frequency and vibration, their bodies are going to feel lighter, everything’s going to look a little bit brighter and they’re just going to know that they’ve shifted.
It’s not going to hurt, it’s painless, there’s not going to be any trouble and those that are not going to shift up for a while they’re going to shift up just fine as well. There’s going to be no one freaking out, there’s going to be no one going « oh my god i can’t do this » Everyone else is going to help.
That’s already up it’s going to help the rest of the collective get ready. It may be by actually holding the energy and light for them, it may be by answering questions for them, that maybe for telling them what they’ve experienced. There’s a whole lot of ways. Those that are going up the first second third waves are going to actually just be of service to humanity.
No one’s going to be in pain going fifth dimension, no one’s going on a craft, no one’s going on a blackout for three days, no computers are going to be knocked offline.
The sun is sending solar flares and blasts all the time little increments to boost the frequency and the vibration up but everyone’s going to have a wonderful journey up so we have to keep stressing this. It’s all good, it’s all wonderful, you’re all going to feel amazing and you’re all on the journey and the ride of your life.
I LordAshtar along with the entire angelic kingdom are so happy to be bringing through these messages through this channeler. We’re sending you such love, we’re sending you such light and blessings.
Channel Lynne Rondell

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