Who we are (Documentary) | Wie zijn wij? 1

Who we are (Documentary)

Who we are (Documentary) | Wie zijn wij?

Een uitstekend gemaakte documentaire met mooie beelden en inzichten.

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Een gedachte over “Who we are (Documentary) | Wie zijn wij?

  • Jurgen Weber Bericht auteur

    Beautiful documentary. Perfectly done and in my appreciation and gratefulness I want to share 2 of hundreds of miracles I have experienced with God in 27 years. You can not describe God or your holly self because it/he is so amazingly loving, intelligent and beautiful that you can’t find the words. So it is always an understatement. In this way I can only share glimpses of this wonderful experience and truth. We cannot see or really comprehend how big are our known Universe which is only a part of Universes. But you can have a relationship with the Creator of this infinite Creation as close a with your own small child or closest relative and even deeper and more closely/united. Don’t think you are so great and I am so small and creating so a respectful distance you doesn’t want to experience. What you really want to experience is everlasting Oneness and his Love. That was/is still ongoing the most important experience.

    The second one is the following: I lived in The Netherlands and throughout the week I was for Work in Germany. Only in the weekend I was at home in The Netherlands and it was on a Saturday afternoon that I came to the conclusion that I haven’t spoken to our neighbor Jose four several month and I didn’t know how is she doing. We had regularly contact in the time before. And than something special happens. Within one second I knew everything about her life and what’s going on in her life. One second. How much time you need to read this few sentences and I knew everything, because my consciousness was immediately connected with her consciousness so I could learn we are all connected in the consciousness of Oneness and in reality there is no space and time. Because you can’t take in so much information in one second in this reality.

    So enjoy life and learn from it every moment and start talking in thoughts of words, doesn’t matter, with your/our divine father. There is nothing who loves you more. I love you all.