Mike Quinsey

17th September 2021. Mike Quinsey.  The Light is at the end of the tunnel and getting brighter all of the time and nothing can remove your path towards it. It is your destiny and will conclude your journey through the 3rd dimension. Your freewill experiences will have well prepared you […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 17-09-2021

10th September 2021. Mike Quinsey.      Depending on your level of consciousness it will determine how well you interpret the messages. You are not all expected to understand the deeper meaning but there is no reason why you should not understand at your personal level. Times are still confusing but […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 10th September 2021

3rd September 2021. Mike Quinsey.     Once again I have found a Kryon message that is the most informative yet regarding the afterlife. I am giving you the opening chapters that describe the afterlife. The rest of the message is on the same subject and most revealing and uplifting.   […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 3rd September 2021

27th August 2021. Mike Quinsey. It is difficult for you to see the direction things are going in when so much is happening all at once. But for certain, things cannot return as before and most belong to an Age that was suited to its time, but not in the […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 27th August 2021

20th August 2021. Mike Quinsey.  The future beckons and is full of promise and of an upliftment of your vibrations, and it is unstoppable as you start to enter a new area of space. In fact it is beginning to affect those of you who are already living your life […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 20th August 2021

13th August 2021. Mike Quinsey. Foreword: The Internet is buzzing with many websites picking up on the Kryon message. “Some Virus Truths for you to consider” 14th April 2020. He concludes that it is the Immune System that is killing people, not the virus, that is just a flu. My […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 13th August 2021

6th August 2021. Mike Quinsey.  Many changes are taking place on Earth as the old ways are being replaced with those that are more in line with your needs to move with the necessary changes. As you are now finding, much of which you have taken for granted and has […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 6th August 2021

16th July 2021. Mike Quinsey.  Things appear to be moving very slowly when in reality it is quite the opposite, as for a considerable time matters have been speeding up. They are reaching a point when it may be considered appropriate for the public to know what has been happening […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 16th July 2021

9th July 2021. Mike Quinsey. On many occasions we have mentioned that if you are ready you have the opportunity to ascend. At any given time you can achieve it as an individual, and having passed the marker you are being given help to do so. The vibrations continue to […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 9th July 2021