Mike Quinsey

18th June 2021. Mike Quinsey. The end of the worldly troubles is in sight but even when you return to what you would call normality there is much to be done to start anew and leave much of the old behind. With lockdown many countries have been laid bare and […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 18th June 2021

11th June 2021. Mike Quinsey. The hopes and wishes of the people are gathering force and must eventually bring about changes that are long overdue. It features the removal of those in power who do not carry the best interests of the people, and it is sad for us to […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 11th June 2021

down angle photography of red clouds and blue sky
4th June 2021. Mike Quinsey.  There are two main groups on Earth at present occupying each end of the spectrum, you would know them as those of the Light and the Dark. They are both fighting for control of the Earth and as it stands the Light is leading the […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 4th June 2021

28th May 2021. Mike Quinsey. Matters are now moving on very quickly and at last the end is in sight of all the problems associated with the coming of Covid19. It is a situation that was allowed to take place, and used to give you more time to think carefully […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 28th May 2021

21st May 2021. Mike Quinsey. We see you rather confused and worried about events on Earth that every now and again take a turn for the worse. Be assured that what you are seeing is the final outworking of old ways of dealing with each other. There is less enthusiasm […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 21st May 2021

14th May 2021. Michael Quinsey. World events are still very mixed but there are the first real signs of the Pandemic coming to an end. The after effects will last for quite some time but eventually it will all settle down and life will return to some kind of normality. […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 14th May 2021

7th May 2021. Mike Quinsey. In Europe the Covid19 virus seems to be in decline and relaxation of the measures to end its effect, are beginning to take place. Freewill and karma are in play so that some souls will have a totally different experience to others. Even a soul’s […]

Message Mike Quinsey Higher Self | 7th May 2021

30th April 2021. Mike Quinsey.  Time marches on and in general terms you can sense that in many parts of the world Covid19 is under control and having less effect. You could say the end is in sight but you have little idea as to the time scale. In some […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 30th April 2021

23rd April 2021. Mike Quinsey. Everything is moving in the right direction as life is beginning to return to some resemblance to what you would call normal. Yet the Covid19 virus has caused you to make many changes so much so that you will never return to exactly how you […]

Message Mike Quinsey | 23rd April 2021