Verkiezingen in Amerika

Channeling: Universal Mother Mary Greetings, I AM Mary, Universal Mother, Divine Mother, Mother of change and Mother of constancy, and yes, beloveds, Mother of each and every one of you. And, I come this day to speak about change, to speak about constancy, and to speak about how I am […]

UMM – My Divine Pause and the American Elections

What Does The Divide Teach Us? What Does The Divide Teach Us? | Lorie Ladd Mijn gedachten erover: Lorie bevestigt ook wat in mij gisteren en vandaag door mijn hoofd gaat. Dit is een situatie die veel potentieel biedt om zich te ontwikkelen en kritisch naar ons eigen gedrag te […]

What Does The Divide Teach Us? | Lorie Ladd

2020-11-03-saul-audio-blog-for-tuesday-november-3rd.mp3  Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday November 3rd The US presidential election is attracting an enormous amount of attention worldwide as governments continue to adjust their COVID-19 containment plans.  This is a very big distraction from the real Event – Humanity’s Imminent Awakening! Most of you are waiting for the […]

The awakening is individual, as well as collective