Dianne Robbins

I am Mikos Today we talk about Summer 2021, and how it is unfolding on Earth’s surface.  It will be a tumultuous time for the citizens of Earth, with much change in America as her government is going through changes to uncover deceit and darkness – you might say a […]

Inner Earth: Changes Coming

Weather Anomalies, Confusion and Chaos are Unnatural (Mikey is a Right Whale) Mikey is here, waiting for you out at Sea, where I pick up your frequency range. Know that I wait for you every morning, hoping you will pick up my signal and reply to my call. Today we […]

Weather Anomalies, Confusion and Chaos are Unnatural

Critical Mass Today it is calm in the Hollow Earth, as it is on all days, except for this special day of Sunday, as we wait for you to take our dictation. On these Sundays, there is a special breeze in the air, a breeze of anticipation as we connect […]

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