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Journey of Your Soul I am Jesus, here to take you on a journey of your soul. You will be traveling along with me as we embark on this excursion. You won’t need to take anything along, except your thoughts and feelings, for all else will be left behind. We […]

Journey of Your Soul | Jesus through Dianne Robbins

Click here to listen to an audio clip. You were created free, free beings whose true and only nature is Love.  That has never changed, and never can change, because what is created is perfect and eternal.  That does not appear to be so for the vast majority of humans, […]

Forgive yourselves for whatever you feel or believe is unworthy ...

Ascended Masters Broadcasts: Vol 43.Beloved Jesus. October 23, 2020 Ascended Masters Broadcasts: Vol 43 | Beloved Jesus | 23 oktober 2020 Love, Love, Love… Zo onbeschrijflijk waardevol zijn bericht, zijn hulp en informatie, die eigenlijk zo simpel is en toch is het in deze tijd zo moeilijk om daarnaar te […]

Ascended Masters Broadcasts: Vol 43 | Beloved Jesus | 23 ...